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Year: 2018

1January, 2018
Jan 17 Joint Clinical Forum (JCF)
Jan 17 Transfer Group
Jan 18 ICU steps Carlisle
Jan 24 ICU steps Whitehaven
Jan 24 ICU steps Tees
Jan 26 ICU steps North of Tyne (NoT)
Jan 30 ICU steps Sunderland
Feb 06 Rehabilitation after critical illness (RaCI)
Feb 06 Outreach Group
Feb 07 T4T - JCUH
Feb 22 ICU steps South of Tyne (SoT)
Mar 01 ICU steps Carlisle
Mar 05 Benchmarking (York meeting)
Mar 06 Education Group
Mar 07 ICU steps Whitehaven
Mar 07 ICU steps Tees
Mar 08 T4T - Freeman Hospital
Mar 23 ICU steps North of Tyne (NoT)
Mar 27 ICU steps Sunderland
Mar 28 T4T - WGH
Apr 09 T4T - UHNT
Apr 11 Benchmarking (network meeting)
Apr 18 ICU steps Whitehaven
Apr 18 ICU steps Tees
Apr 25 End of Life (EoL)
Apr 26 ICU steps South of Tyne (SoT)
May 09 T4T - JCUH
May 14 T4T - QE
May 18 ICU steps North of Tyne (NoT)
May 23 Joint Clinical Forum (JCF)
May 23 Transfer Group
May 29 ICU steps Sunderland
May 30 ICU steps Whitehaven
May 30 ICU steps Tees
Jun 11 Benchmarking (York meeting)
Jun 19 CCIG (Critical Care Information Group)
Jun 27 T4T - WGH
Jun 28 ICU steps South of Tyne (SoT)
Jul 02 T4T - QE
Jul 11 ICU steps Tees
Jul 13 ICU steps North of Tyne (NoT)
Jul 18 Rehabilitation after critical illness (RaCI)
Jul 18 Outreach Group
Jul 31 ICU steps Sunderland
Aug 22 ICU steps Tees
Aug 30 ICU steps South of Tyne (SoT)
Sep 07 ICU steps North of Tyne (NoT)
Sep 10 T4T - QE
Sep 24 T4T - UHNT
Sep 25 ICU steps Sunderland
Sep 26 T4T - WGH
Sep 26 Joint Clinical Forum (JCF)
Sep 26 Transfer Group
Oct 02 Education Group
Oct 03 ICU steps Tees
Oct 08 Benchmarking (York meeting)
Oct 10 End of Life (EoL)
Oct 25 T4T - JCUH
Oct 25 ICU steps South of Tyne (SoT)
Nov 01 CCIG (Critical Care Information Group)
Nov 02 ICU steps North of Tyne (NoT)
Nov 07 Benchmarking (network meeting)
Nov 12 T4T - QE
Nov 13 ICU steps Sunderland
Nov 14 ICU steps Tees
Nov 21 T4T - WGH
Nov 27 Rehabilitation after critical illness (RaCI)
Nov 27 Outreach Group
Nov 29 ICU steps South of Tyne (SoT)
Dec 19 ICU steps Tees

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