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My book of poems celebrates the miraculous and extraordinary journey I experienced when my husband Tony acquired life changing brain injury in 2011 resulting in a 5 month hospital stay and a challenging time in intensive care.

In my previous life I worked for 30 years full time until undergoing extensive major surgery myself in 2009. I am now Tony’s Full Time Carer and the Secretary of ICUsteps Tees where I have the unique opportunity to support others who have experienced critical illness.

The lasting impressions of Intensive care inspired me to express my thoughts and experiences through poetry which I hope will offer comfort to families on the critical care journey. I have recited my poetry at conferences and workshops and will continue to do so in order to raise awareness of the patient carer voice.

“The excellent medical care and intervention we received and continue to receive is our reason for being alive”

The booklets have been produced by North of England Critical Care Network on behalf of Diane Bousfield.

Please read Diane & Tony's stories/poems over the years below

Diane & Tony Bousfield ex-patient & his wife

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